Wednesday, June 22, 2011

News Flash : Postponement of Satyagraha

Dear Friends!
Thanks a lot for the whole-hearted support that you all have shown during our Satyagraha for genuine cause of decades-long deprivation. As you all know, the authority agreed to implement the ACP / MACP to the left-out programme staff of Doordarshan, only formalities are to be observed as much as the latest information is received, negotiations regarding other issues are in the process. ADP3 delegates are active in all respect. Now the demand of the time and situation is that "we the members of ADP3 shall cease to observe Satyagraha for the time being". Emotion of all members of ADP3 are well reserved.

Kindly resume your work as assigned by your respective authority.

Please keep on watching our blog and send your valuable opinion in ADP3's inbox and wait for our next message...... we have to go a long way..... brothers and sisters!

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