Thursday, July 23, 2015

Si vis pacem, para bellum

Dear Friends!
As you all know, the programme staff of Doordarshan have to go through Hon'ble Court for all sort of justified demand, it has become necessary to raise Legal Fund to fight out the Battle. Crucial time has come to unite once again. Contribution on your part for raising the Legal Fund is not sufficient, kindly pursue the same on behalf of ADP3 so that all your fellow colleagues / members of ADP3 ensures their respective contribution for the Fund.

It is said that Si vis pacem, para bellum. The translation of this Latin adage is "If you want peace, prepare for war". So, Friends, keep your weapons ready and gear up the cohesion among the members of ADP3.

Sukanta Sengupta                                                                                 Umesh Mishra
General Secretary                                                                                  President

Stay Order in respect of OA 2479/2015 filed by ADP3

Hon'ble CAT Delhi in hearing of OA 2479/2015 filed by ADP3, granted stay about any Action / Order in compliance of impugned order dated 08/09/14 by Hon'ble Ministry of  I & B. Court also issued Notices to Respondents including Hon'ble Secretary (DOPT) and Principle Accounts Officer, MIB.