Tuesday, December 14, 2010

News Flash

Central Committee of ADP3 constantly pursuing the issue of MACP to be implemented towards the Programme Staff of Doordarshan. All members are requested to keep patience, It is expected, a list in this regard shall be issued soon.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Referance: Forthcoming NFADE Agitation

ADP3 is not a constituent body of NFADE and hence shall not participate in the forthcoming Agitation called by NFADE from 13.12.2010. ADP3 HQ shall take no responsibility in this regard. All members are requested to abide by the instruction of the HQ and to perform their duties sincerely.

Sukanta Sengupta
(General Secretary)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

News Flash

ADP3 HQ congratulates all the members of North-East Zone and especially the Zonal Secretary for organizing the zonal meet to be held from 11th December 2010 at DDK Guwahati. The President, the General Secretary and other office bearers of ADP3 HQ already proceeded to join the meet. ADP3 aspire the grand success of the meet. ADP3 Long Live!

News Flash

The President and the General Secretary of ADP3 alongwith other members of ADP3, Delhi Unit had a meeting with DG:DD on 8th December at about 4:30 pm. Several issues were discussed including issue of MACP and its current status. The meeting was fruitful as expressed by the President. Get in touch with the General Secretary for more details.
Thank you. Let’s say ADP3 Long Live!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Let us express our minds

Dear Friends !

Thanks to all of you that you have believed in the sense of unison and harmony. You all have formed the foundation of ADP3 so strong that today ADP3 has its own identity and represents itself as the one and only platform of Doordarshan Programme Wing. This is you who constitute the fulcrum of entire Doordarshan. This is you whose ideas frame the ideology of ADP3.

ADP3 HQ is getting calls directly and indirectly from different corners to join the Agitation of NFADE. In this regard, all your opinion is solicited for making the final resolution. While making your opinion, the following factors may be kept in mind:

Prasar Bharati Act came into existence after getting clearance from India’s law framing house of the Parliament. Modification or “repeal” of this act can be done only in the Parliament. This is beyond the jurisdiction of the Doordarshan / Akashvani or the concerned Ministry of Information & Broadcasting.

Considering the above fact, the pivotal question is, can an employee association or federation of such associations challenge one act framed in the citizens’ court of law and go for strike or duty boycott to such extent that the screen of the Nation’s Public Service Broadcaster went blank. Challenging this act being a government servant may be treated as an unlawful activity punishable under IPC.

Regarding issue of our service protection, GOM has already declared us as Central Government Servants with all admissible facilities till our retirement. What more protection this agitation can bring for us?

This agitation of NFADE has exposed the fact that it has no social impact even after long 48 hours duty boycott. Historic silence on the part of the Government signifies many appalling omens.

This kind of agitation imposed an awful impact on Doordarshan which earns lion’s share of revenue. Being an Association exclusively built on the brick of Doordarshan, ADP3 cannot tolerate such loss of market viability, image and credibility.

Dear Friends! Kindly express your thoughtful opinion immediately through the e-mail of General Secretary to make the resolution whether we will join NFADE or withdraw even our moral support and decline to be party to any unlawful activity.

Warm season’s greetings and thanks to you all.