Thursday, July 29, 2010

Essence of Togetherness!

Dear Friends!
Communication with the Directorate regarding grant of MACP towards all other left-out Programme Staff has already been made. Let us expect an immediate response and wait for a while. I believe, by now, everyone of us has become aware about the necessity of togetherness, and essentiality of being in a single Platform like ADP3. We should not forget the universal truth: “United we stand, divided we fall”. People may think that ours’ is a new association at her infancy, but the fact is that our Philosophy is matured, broad in nature and wide in vision. We have learnt from our mistakes. One who mistakes once is in no way less intelligent, but one who mistakes repeatedly is a fool. So, be united and stretch your hand for strengthening ADP3. If you are a professional working in the Programme Wing of Doordarshan, then ADP3 definitely is your association. We, the forum of ADP3, believe in democracy. Every member has the fundamental right to express his or her views. We believe, everyone, right from an ordinary member to the highest hierarchy of the President, has an endeavor, whether tiny or immense, whether negligible or colossal, in strengthening ADP3.

People, inside ADP3 or outside, who wants to destroy the unanimity and harmony, plans to demolish our genuine demands, shall not be spared. They will be quarantined or purged. We, the members of ADP3, believe in peace and harmony but in the event of any crisis, ADP3 has the courage, strength and stamina to rise to the occasion in order to fight for justice. ADP3 do not run on money, the secret lies with the essence of minds’ togetherness. We are not simply another Employees’ Association. In ADP3, we believe in work culture, professionalism, diligence and perfection. All members of ADP3 work hard for his or her mother organization. We never forget, primarily we are programmers and our views, analysis and presentation leaves an impression over the society and in the budding minds.

People with creative bent of minds are always sensitive and shy, even to ask for a genuine demand. ADP3 has taken her birth from the years long deprivation, injustice and discrimination created by some self-centered, greedy people who exploited us for decades and still sucking our blood by enjoying our hard earned revenue. So, in principle, ADP3 shall not tolerate injustice, in any form, towards any staff working in the Programme Wing of Doordarshan. It hardly matters whether he or she is a member of ADP3 or not.

So, my dear friends! Please do not feel detached. Your small contribution may lead us to the right path of light. Kindly come up with suggestions and make us more truthful.

All Unit Secretaries, Zonal Secretaries and State Secretaries may send a report immediately in written form regarding the activities, problems of their respective units and zones, and the measures taken by them. They are also advised to send reports by the first week of every month on routine.

Thanks to you all. Take care.

(Sukanta Sengupta)
General Secretary

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Central Committee Meeting at Delhi on 23rd and 24th August 2010

Dear Comrades!
All Zonal Secretaries, State Secretaries and the Executive Committee Members are requested to reach Delhi latest by 22.08.10. The Central Committee Meeting shall be convened on 23rd and 24th August 2010 at 10:00 am. The Representatives are requested to bear their cost of traveling by their own. The respective zones / states may also arrange some fund for the said purpose, if necessary.

This is published in consultation with the President. Thank you.

Sukanta Sengupta, GS

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Do not be carried away

Dear Comrades!
Hope that all of you are in good health and in good spirit. This is requested to all our members not to be misled by any rumour or false information. “NFADE STRENGTHED--ADPPP merged with DPPA in Doordarshan” as published in the website of ARTEE ( and website of NFADE (, is not correct. “ADPPP merged with DPPA” means ADPPP does not exist anymore, which is completely a wrong and fabricated statement. The fact is that ADPPP HQ did not receive yet any communication addressed to the President or the General Secretary regarding UNIFICATION. The bilateral talk is going on where no party has any scope to take unilateral decision. The following letter by the General Secretary, ADPPP, shall clarify all doubts:
Respected Bhakooji,
Its our great pleasure that now onwards we are not divided. Your decision is appreciated by one and all of our members. Mr. Dhanaraj Reddy, the National Coordinator of ADP3 has already forwarded the letter regarding our unification that you have written to DG:DD. We the ADP3 HQ, on behalf of all members of ADP3 nation-wide express our heartiest welcome to you and all your members. Now, there remains some sort of formalities to be done, which is mentioned hereunder:

1. Kindly write a letter regarding this unification addressed to the President, ADP3 and send it to ADP3 HQ in the following address:    
“The President, (Attention: General Secretaey, Shri Sukanta Sengupta - by name), Association of Doordarshan Programme Production Personnel, 18/3 Uday Shankar Sarani, Golf Green, Kolkata – 700 095, W.B.”
2. Please mention the details of all your members, viz. Name, Designation and their present posting etc.
3. Please fill-up the individual Membership Form (attached with this mail) and send it to ADP3 HQ.
Awaiting for your early response. Thank you.

(Sukanta Sengupta)
General Secretary
Comrades! It is further reiterated that ADPPP is not yet a constituent body of NFADE. However, ADPPP always extends the moral support to any association or federation which fights for the real cause and justice though the thought process and line of action may differ.

Keep watching our Blog ( and be updated.
Good Night! Let the whole World be in peace. Amen!

Sukanta Sengupta, GS (00:47 Hrs)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Old Increment falls between 1st February to 1st June


Recently the Government has issued an OM vide F.No. 7/14/2010-E III (A) dated 05.07.2010 allowing revision of option exercised under rule 6 of Central Civil Services (Revised Pay) Rules, 2008 till 31.12.2010. I wonder whether it is going to be beneficial to employees whose date of increment falls between 1st February 2006 to 1st June 2006. No doubt the officers/staff who had got ACP or PROMOTION during this period might get benefited. But in the larger interest of employees who are at a loss just because their increment date fell between 1st February 2006 to 1st June 2006, the OM needs immediate revision.
Consider the case where employees ‘X’ and ‘Y’ drawing the same pay (pre-revised) and getting their increments on 01-02-2006. If ‘X’ exercises the option to get his salary fixed on his increment date, i.e. 01-02-2006, no doubt he will be placed at a much higher level in the new pay band. But to get the first increment in the revised pay band he has to wait till July 2007. On the other hand, ‘Y’ opts and gets his pay fixed as on 01-01-2006 and gets his first increment in the new pay band on 01.07.2006. Now pay of ‘X’ will fall below that of ‘Y’. This is because the increment in the pre-revised scale is nowhere near the increment of 3% of the total salary in the revised scale. Hence it is not beneficial to ‘X’ and all others getting their pay fixed after drawing increment (pre-revised) in the month of March, April, May and June 2006. Those employees who opt for fixation on a later date than 01-01-2006, will not get their increment on 01-07-2006 since the condition of minimum qualifying service of six months to draw an increment will not satisfied.
The qualifying service is relaxed as per circular No. 16/2/2009-Estt.(Pay I) dated 02.07.2010 in the case of -
(i) EOL granted due to inability of a Government servant to join or rejoin duty on account of civil commotion.
(ii) EOL granted to a Government servant for prosecuting higher technical and scientific studies.
Hence any employee will be at a loss if he opts for fixation on date of his increment in the month of February 2006 to June 2006. Hence the Government should modify the circular as below: 
1. In the case of those whose increment had fallen on the February 2006 to June, 2006 the annual increment be pre-dated to 01.01.2006. This issue has already been discussed in the anomaly committee as per reports. 
2. Fix the pay on the date of increment for February 2006 to June 2006 and also grant first increment in the revised pay band on 01-07-2006 duly waiving the qualifying service condition of six months for drawing increment as a onetime measure to rectify the anomaly. If this is done I hope most of the anomalies that arose from the implementation of 6th Central Pay commission will be set right.

Click the link below to download the order:


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

President's Letter Reg Postponement of Agitation

Postponement of Agitation

Association of Doordarshan Programme Production Personnel ® (ADP3) has decided to postpone the agitation programme for the time being after getting the assurance from the Hon’ble Minister for I & B and the Director General, Doordarshan, that “all the issues including implementation of MACP towards the left-out staff of Doordarshan Production Wing (e.g. Production Assistant, Floor Manager, Property Assistant, Producer, Assistant Station Director etc.) shall be resolved within 15th August 2010 as communicated in the meeting with Shri Bipul Deori, Zonal Secretary, North-East Zone; Shri Manab Das, Unit Secretary, DDK Guwahati and Shri Manabendra Barua, Zonal Adviser, North-East Zone, on 12th and 13th July 2010 during their visit to Guwahati.

All Zonal, State, Unit Secretaries shall communicate their respective office accordingly. All the members of the association shall maintain normalcy till further instruction.

(Sukanta Sengupta)
General Secretary