Wednesday, November 19, 2014

ADP3 North-East Zonal Convention at Dibrugarh

North-East Zonal Convention of ADP3 was held in Dibrugarh from 12th to 13th November 2014. The two day convention was ceremonially inaugurated by Shri Sarbananda Sonowal,  Hon’ble  Minister of state for Sports & Youth Affairs, Govt. of India. The Open Inaugural Session was also attended by Shri Rameshwar Teli, Hon’ble MP,Dibrugarh; Shri Kamakhya Prasad Tasa,Hon’ble MP, Jorhat ; Shri C Lalrosanga, ADG(P&A) NER; and other literary – cultural activists of the locality. The representatives of all the North-Eastern State Units of ADP3 along with ADP3 National President Shri Umesh Mishra, Executive Vice President Shri Sanjeev Soni, General Secretay Shri Sukanta Sengupta, Tresurer Shri Anup Sen were present on the occasion.
At the outset, the dignitaries were ceremonially felicitated with traditional Assamese Gamocha, Sarai and Japi.  Lighting of the Lamp by the Union Minister Shri Sarbananda Sonowal, marked the Ceremonial Inauguration of the Convention. Smt. Momota Borthakur, veteran singer of Dibrugarh, sung the Mangalacharan Shanti Sukta during the inauguration. To mark the occasion, a Souvenir titled – “The Image of North East”, edited by Shri Mridul Sarmah, was also ceremonially released. Inaugurating the NE Zonal Convention, Hon’ble Union Minister said that in a country like India, Doordarshan has a very important role to play as a National Broadcaster. He also added that the viewers of the North East, still believes on the authenticity of the News presented in Doordarshan, rather than views presented in private channels. But the overall visual presentation needs to be improved, keeping in view the changing scenario, the Minister opined. The Minister also informed the house that he has already taken initiatives for improvement of the DD services in the NE Region and discussed the matter with the Hon’ble MoS I&B, Shri Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore. Speaking on the occasion, Shri Rameshwar Teli, Hon’ble MP, Dibrugarh, remembered the Golden days of Doordarshan and said that inspite of  availability of thousands of private channels, the importance of  Doordarshan cannot be minimized. Shri Kamakhya Prasad Tasa, Hon’ble MP, Jorhat, is of the opinion that the cultural mosaic of North-Eastern region can be best highlighted with the help of a platform like Doordarshan.  Shri C Lalrosanga, Additional Director General, NER, said that the programmer fraternity of Doordarshan is always delivering its best amidst of several obstacles and problems. Addressing the gathering, Shri Umesh Mishra, National President of ADP3, mentioned the struggle of the association for the betterment of programme production personnel of DD. The literary – cultural activists of the locality submitted a memorandum to the Hon’ble  Minister demanding up gradation of Doordarshan Dibrugarh from terrestrial mode to Satellite Channel facility.
Earlier, in his welcome address, Shri Bipul Chandra Deori, Zonal Secretary, ADP3, NE Zone, highlighted the role played by Doordarshan for national integration and communal harmony in the NE Region. The students of Sampoorna Kendriya Vidyalaya presented Chorus Songs on the occasion. The inaugural session was managed by Shri Chandan Pathak, Smt. Ajanta Das, Smt. Minati Devi, Smt. Savita Rani Devi, Shri Bhuban Deka, Shri Mridul Sarmah, Smt. Ajanta Saikia and other members of DDK, Dibrugarh Unit of ADP3.


Unit Secretary, DDK, Shillong  -     Shri Paite
·         State Secretary, Meghalaya  -        Election pending*
·         Unit Secretary, DDK, Imphal  -     Shri L Manibabu Singh
·         Unit Secretary, DDK, Itanagar  -     Shri Nani Tanha
·         Unit Secretary, DDK, Agartala  -     Shri Prabir Debbarma
·         State Secretary, Tripura  -               ShriPravitangsu Das
·         Unit Secretary, DDK, Kohima  -      Shri PMeren
·         State Secretary, Nagaland  -           Shri H K Chisi
·         Unit Secretary, DDK, Silchar  -      Shri J L Barman
·         Unit Secretary, DDK, Dibrugarh -  Shri Chandan Pathak
·         Unit Secretary, DDK, Guwahati -   Election pending*
·         Unit Secretary, PPC, Guwahati -   Election pending*
·         State Secretary, Assam  -               Shri Mridul Sarmah
·         Unit Secretary, DDK, Aizwal -  Election pending*
·         Unit Secretary, DDK, Gangtok -   Election pending*
·         ZONAL SECRETARY, NE ZONE -    Shri Bipul Chandra Deori

*Units are requested to intimate names of their new Secretaries after the Election.

Reg. Eligibility for MACPS

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

President's Call ! Respond Immediately!!

All members of National Executive Committee and all Zonal Secretaries are requested to attend the meeting to be held at ADP3 Delhi Office, Doordarshan Bhavan, Mandi House, Copernicus Marg, New Delhi - 1 on 8th September 2014, 1:00 PM without fail.

All the above mentioned office bearers may kindly contact to the General Secretary / President of ADP3 through e-mail : / for any query. It is requested to respond immediately.

All Zonal Secretaries are requested to bring with them the unit-wise updated details of members of their respective zones. The agenda of the respective zones are also to be submitted by 5th September. The issues / agenda not submitted by 5th September shall not be discussed in the meeting on 8th. This is for strict compliance.


Friday, August 22, 2014


Kendra wise participation: Chennai (Host), Bangalore, Trivendrum, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Pondicherry, Madhurai, Gulbarga, Tirupati, Vijayawada, Warangal.

National Leaders present: Sri. Umesh Mishra-President, Sri Sukanta Sengupta, Sri A.V. Krishna Mohan-National Coordinator, Sri M.S. Gunaseelan, Zonal Secretary (South).

Tamilnadu State representation: Sri Soumi Narayan-State Secretary, Sri Sundar Rajan-President, Sri Dhanraj-Advisor and other local members present.

Guests: Sri Ramachandran-I/c Director, DDK, Chennai, Sri Anna Dora, News Director.

At the outset ADP3 Zonal Convention was held at the Auditorium of Institute of Engineers, Chepauk, which is just opposite of DDK, Chennai.  The meeting was all set to start at 10 am but was delayed by one hour i.e. the meeting started at 11 am. 

Around 80 members of ADP3 took part in the said South Zone Convention with participation from all major Kendras in South.  Turnout was good and the meeting went off well in a conducive and cordial atmosphere.

While giving his welcome address ADP3 - Tamil Nadu State Secretary Mr. Soumi Narayan expressed his happiness on behalf of all Tamil Nadu members for giving an opportunity to host the South Zone Convention at Chennai and extended a warm welcome to all delegates and members to the Zonal Convention. He further stated that so far so much is done by the association and hinted to be cautious as a long way to go.  He further urged that unity is only the solution to achieve more results and requested all members to maintain the same.

Soon after the welcome address, there was a felicitation done for the National Leaders while they are garlanded and a shawl was present as a token of respect by the Chennai Unit.

Later, ADP3 - South Zone Secretary, Sri. M.S. Gunaseelan, while talking to the gathering said whatever is achieved today for the welfare of the program cadres of Doordarshan, is the result of continuous efforts of ADP3.  He wished the meeting of this magnitude should be conducted at regular intervals to discuss various issues of Program cadres.  He congratulated all the members for their continuous support to the association in bringing success to long pending issues of prog cadres.  He further said the association should shift its focus to other pending issues and sought the same cooperation from all members.

ADP3 President Sri Umesh Mishra while speaking on the occasion welcomed all the delegates and appreciated for their time and commitment to attend the convention.  He further said that today the ADP3 is looking colorful and bright but the efforts and behind the scenes are different while achieving this result.  He said that there are no promotions to the prog cadres for the last several decades and it is due to the continuous and meticulous approach of ADP3 we could achieve some good results of long pending issues.  He told the gathering that DDP promotions are being pursued by the association and very soon we will hear one more good news about promotions.  He also assured that association will bring more color in the days to come.  He told that we are not going to stop here with this small achievement and small benefit to our brothers and sisters.  We will continue to get more out of our continuous efforts.  He sincerely acknowledged the support of all members for achieving this great job.  He said there are 155 DDP posts and 433 Pex posts that are vacant and due for regular promotion.  He also cautioned the gathering that hard days are ahead that we should be prepared and vigilant to meet any situation.  He particularly congratulated Chennai Kendra for its outstanding support and performance in several issues that directly reflecting the fighting against the rights of program cadres of DD.  He extended his  greetings to all the members of South Zone while conducting the convention.  He took the name of Sri Dhanraj, Chennai for his continuous support and advises and appreciated for all his outstanding help.  He felt that the team will continue to receive the same support in the future as well.  He once again re-iterated that the association is not only meant for Prod Assts or for Pexs but every program cadre is on our platform and called on others who did not join to join on ADP3 platform. 

While addressing the gathering Sri Anna Dora, Director News said that It was happy to learn that all members of ADP3  from South took part in the convention and hoped that the meeting will discuss all relevant issues and find out a solution that will benefit the association.  He further felt ADP3 will address all core issues that are pending for several years.  He assured the house that all possible help will be extended to ADP3 by him in solving any problem that ADP3 is facing.  He congratulated the Chennai Unit for conducting such a good meeting within a short time.

In-charge Director Sri. Ramachandran while delivering his address said that so far we are fighting among ourselves without any focus and reason.  With the launching of ADP3 there should not be any more fighting now we are all one for one cause.  He further said that this is the time that we should put all our differences aside and unite to work for a better tomorrow.  He felt that there should be no distinction between program cadres and grades as we are all working for the welfare of the organization.  He further said it is the team work that produce good results for the viewer and hinted that every programmer should remember this point.  While giving encouraging words to ADP3, he said that lead must be taken by the association while handling some issues and further hinted to apply force if there is a need to get the problem solved. 

Sukanta Sengupta, ADP3 General Secretary said that ….

A very good morning to all of you

I sincerely acknowledge the gracious presence of the dignitaries present here today with us on this Dias.  I extend my warmest regards to them for sparing their time and giving inspiration by their speeches to this august gathering present here on the occasion of South Zone Convention of ADP3.

I am proud and appreciate that ADP3 Chennai Kendra Unit could able to organize such a wonderful meet with in a short notice and time.  I am proud to learn that all our members actively took part and worked like soldiers in making this convention a grand success. I congratulate each of you for your time and dedication.

I also sincerely appreciate the efforts of program staff of Chennai in bringing the legitimate demands of the prog cadre to the notice of HQ in Delhi.  ADP3 proudly recognizes the struggle of Prog brethren of Chennai, the pains they have gone through all these years and the time and money they spent.  I strongly believe that it is for none other for the program cadres of Doordarshan, we must accept the very fact and congratulate all our members of Chennai unit, comrades. 

The agony and pain of program cadres all over India is reflected in the counter actions of DD prog staff of Chennai …. and they are our proud brothers and sisters.  And the actions of Chennai prog staff made the Delhi to be nervous and strategically we are in advantage position …. Really a very good job by our comrades from Chennai….

We should remember and recollect the efforts of Mr A.K. Dhanraj who went all over India on his own money to make the first impression and need of forming an exclusive platform for our prog cadres….he has done it without any selfish motives… we must feel proud of him for his great work…

Coming to our main course… At the outset ADP3, with its hardest efforts, could able to discharge its duties with the support of its soldiers like members, delivering major results for its members and for the organization.  Ever since the inception of ADP3, several major issues are addressed with the cooperation of its members across India… we are kept in dark for several decades by the other people who are declaring themselves as the representatives of DD Prog cadres also, but in reality they done nothing for us… by which kind of actions we lost precious time and we are pushed to back to the back benches and denied of receiving genuine benefits we are supposed to get…  this precisely why because we do not have a right platform to make our voice to be heard at Delhi level… “better late than never” is the proverb… we could able to create our own platform though a bit late… on our platform we have recorded successes making others feel envy about ADP3… such as..

1.   Recognition of the association which is the ‘sole’ platform for Prog cadres to raise core issues and problems
2.   Getting the long pending demand of MACP approval – which benefitted large group of program cadres
3.   Getting the approval of promotion to Prog cadres which is almost forgotten…though it is only an in-situ promotion but getting this title itself took so much pain by the association…though some benefits are not included by this promotion we are hopeful that those issues are addressed and will get approval shortly.  I believe that this in-situ promotion gave at least for relief to our cadres who are frustrated with the attitude of our bosses in Delhi.
4.   ADP3 is the only association that got the accommodation in Mandi House to operate its activities…. This is one more major victory of our association

These are few victories of our association to and many more to follow… present

Ø Today we are doing more for the welfare of the prog cadres such as ….
ADP3 is pursuing the demand for in-situ promotion to left out people
Which includes other prog cadres like C’Men, Floor, V.Editors etc..
Ø ACP is the another important aspect ADP3 is pursuing on priority…it is in the pipe line any time from now, all our members would get the benefit of ACP… though you got your MACP that would be converted back to ACP and you are going to enjoy the fruit very soon… with which you receive all benefits including pay on par with regular pexs.
Ø Our main focus now is on cadre review which PB board is seriously reviewing… all prog posts are going to be re-designated… ADP3 is also a member of this committee and it has given constructive recommendations to be included in the final draft of cadre review…
Ø We are opposing the appointments of Eng staff to be heads of various Kendra and PGFs across India … these postings reduce our chances of promotion and disturb the work culture of program wings.
Ø ADP3 puts in its main agenda the issue of much neglected promotional avenues of our cadres… for your information all cadres of prog staff right from Floor staff to the level of Director are our members… ADP3 is not taking side of a particular cadre…
Ø ADP3 is actively involved in pursuing the matter of regularizing the in-situ promotion that is given in the recent past to the level of full-fledged gazette officer to enjoy the position on par with regular Pexs..

Future initiative and endeavors

v Pay parity to all prog cadres like one post one pay
v Demanding to conduct DPCs on regular intervals to avoid delays in promotional avenue of prog cadres
v Revival of dying cadres
v Filling up of vacant posts of prog cadres without delay
v Increasing the prog staff strength on par with actual transmission hours
v Membership drive to Increase the members of ADP3 by making others to join our platform to consolidate our strength and stamina

I would like to re-iterate and assure the august gathering here today that ADP3 is committed to protect the interest of our members by all means and methods.  At the same time it is the responsibility of our members to extend full support to ADP3 which is working hard to safe guard the interest of our members..

Who so ever are leaders today in ADP3… they are not getting any additional benefit… rather… they are spending their own money and time for the welfare of our association … it is requested that all members to realize this very fact and cooperate with the leaders…

Doordarshan employees get the benefit of 7th pay commission and it is assured by CPC that all the benefits of Central Government are extended to DD staff who are on deemed deputy with PB…

Other things

For anything to initiate, money is the main element… the association is running short of money and it is requested that as per the laid down procedure of ADP3 that each unit is expected to remit monthly contribution to the central unit to meet day to day expenses… and Rs.5,000/- for each member who got in-situ promotion ‘Pex’ should be contributed immediately to the central unit…account details are available in the blog…

It is very sad to mention here that from the south zone no member has contributed yet except Hyderabad where 7 members are remitted money… it is requested to all members who do not contributed as of now should clear the dues on priority for making legal fund which is essential to confirm their position in the combined seniority list..

Last but not the least, our central delegates met Hon’ble Minister of I&B in her residence for welcoming as new MIB… Minister himself gladly enquired for an agenda from the association and ADP3 has given a four point agenda that is.. 1. Repeal the PB
2. Bifurcation of Prog Cadre & to declare DG DD as the cadre controlling authority
3. 92% vacant posts of IBPS to be filled up by the sr. staff of prog cadres.
4. Fresh recruitment in the prog cadre
5. Declare all prog cadre as Govt staff. (there are four power centres as of now.. a)DG DD  b) DG AIR  c)PB and d)MIB
Association demanded for one power centre who will give the right direction for the prog cadres.  It is the ministry who is taking the final decision and all the files rooted through above said power centres…

It is like ‘DHARMO RAKSHATI RAKSHITAHA’..  you give something to the association and you are returned double from the association.

Sri A.V. Krishna Mohan, ADP3 National Coordinator while speaking on the occasion felt that the association is like a perennial river and the long pending problems of program cadre like rocks and boulder in the river are washed in the strong and emotional currents of togetherness of our association.  He felt that there is need to protect the association to enjoy more benefits.  He further said we have more challenges ahead to face and expected that every member of the association should extend full support.  He told the august gathering that members are like soldiers and the leaders are like commanders of war…and we are fighting a war more or less on daily basis.  This convention is like a war room and it is essential for us to draw and design strategies to get our legitimate demands are resolved.  Both our soldiers and commanders are committed for the welfare of our organization and there is no doubt about it.  The only expectation is cooperation from all quarters.  As on today most of the work is handled by the National Leaders themselves and requested all the members to realize to potential number of hours these leaders are spending in solving many problems.  While emphasizing the vital points for consideration and discussion like (1) there should be strategy to stop the penetration of AIR into program cadres of DD (2) there must be strategy to stop the Engineering people to take our program positions (3) there is a need to improve the communication for a better result among our members for which it is proposed to come with a dedicated website for our association from where all members can access the information and can share their views and thoughts (4) undoubtedly unity is our first priority and a group has more bargaining power and we all should remember this and follow for our own benefit (5) it has come to notice that several members are of the opinion that they are due for retirement in couple of years and hence they think they need not play any role in the association or for the association, this concept is wrong and it is requested that whatever we do today is the lead for our brothers for a better tomorrow… hence it is requested that all members should continue to be active till their retirement (6) it is our association and with a great difficult we could able to form it after decades of gap…let us help the association and let us benefit out of association … let us not forget this (7) It has come to the notice that members who are remitting amount directly in to our HQ account are not informing/providing the information for what purpose and who are the persons contributed.  Unless the details are given we cannot maintain who send from where.  It is requested that all members should communicate properly to maintain better accounts. 

He finally said that the hour of the need is to have a dynamic leadership that will bring more results.  He further said that leadership is not an easy job where one should forego his personal time, life, money and must ready to sacrifice many more for the sake of association through which it benefit thousands of our members.  Please realize this and properly honor the leaders.  

After this forenoon session was completed and break for lunch.

The afternoon session is discussed various issues raised by Kendra wise and all the queries are addressed by the National Leaders present.

Sri Bala Ramani of PSA, Chennai also spoke on the occasion and he said that the state of turmoil is continued for several decades and several employees are retired without taking a single promotion.  He felt that today he could see several fighters in this convention and felt that he could see the victory within a short time.  He also said that he is the only member of PSA in Chennai.  He wished that those who got in-situ promotion be regularized as soon as possible.  He further cautioned that there are cheaters even in Delhi who can sabotage our efforts. 

Pondicherry members of ADP3 felicitated all the National Leaders in the post lunch session.

Some of the issues raised by members in post lunch session…

Ø Mr. Sounder who is promoted as FM and fixed 5400 GP is reverted back to 4800 GP represented the case with DG DD
Ø Status of left out cadres of Prog staff for the promotion & PB Scales
Ø Members from Madhurai raised objection that Engineering people are become heads of PGFs there by programmers are facing lot of problems
Ø Bangalore members praised ADP3 for getting promotion order and expected that Scenic designers should also get the same benefit
Ø Pondicherry members said that all other program cadres must be enlightened to bring them on our platform
Ø Trivendrum members said that the ADP3 blog spot is not up to date hence they are not getting information from time to time and requested to maintain it properly… and they also requested to recommend important points for the Transfer policy.
Ø Hyderabad members said EAs and PA cadre must be same and it should not be below to EA.. Bio metric system implantation and the rules laid are requested if there any office order..
Ø Chennai members said there are only five production assistants remained for promotion hence the issue may please be followed on priority.

Chennai Cameramen association member also spoke on the occasion and extended full support to ADP3.

It is proposed to complete all Zonal meetings before September and each zone must recommend at least two persons names to be considered for National level committee. 

Hence Chennai recommended Sri. Soumi Narayan and Sri Venu Gopal for National Committee.

The Convention was anchored and coordinated by Sri Dhanraj

Meeting was ended with National Anthem.

Photographs of South Zone Convention

ACRs Status of Officers considered for Adhoc promotion from PEX to JTS

Saturday, April 19, 2014


1. All Unit Secretaries are requested to forward their membership list immediately to ADP3 HQ by speed post  / e -mail for preparation of voter list. Please provide the Names and current mobile nos of all member.

2. All State Secretaries and Zonal Secretaries are requested to suggest the names for nomination from Unit level, State Level and Zonal Level for National Committee.

3. State Secretaries and Zonal Secretaries are also requested to provide the list of member who have contributed for legal fund.

Sukanta Sengupta
General Secretary