Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Essence of Togetherness
- updated & re-edited

Dear Friends!
A list comprising the names of 324 Production Assistants has been finalized and published. Another list in respect of Floor Managers is in the process of finalization. Since, ACP / MACP does not depend on seniority or any other common criterion, and it only depends on individual’s length of service, continuity of regular service, service records and other related issues to the personal effect, all members of ADP3, whose names are not present in the first list of ACP / MACP, are requested to pursue the matter in their respective offices, whether their CR Dossier in complete, vigilance clearance, service details and other required documents as stipulated by the Directorate have been sent by the office or not. So that, in the next list, the names of the remaining members may appear.

Flash back ……..
I believe, by now, every one of us has become aware about the necessity of togetherness, and essentiality of being in a single platform like ADP3. We should not forget the universal truth: “United we stand, divided we fall”. People may think that ours’ is a new association at her infancy, but the fact is that our Philosophy is matured, broad in nature and wide in vision. We have learnt from our mistakes. One who mistakes once is in no way less intelligent, but one who mistakes repeatedly is a fool. So, be united and stretch your hand for strengthening ADP3. If you are a professional working in the Programme Wing of Doordarshan, then ADP3 definitely is your association. We, the forum of ADP3, believe in democracy. Every member has the fundamental right to express his or her views. We believe, everyone, right from an ordinary member to the highest hierarchy of the President, has an endeavor, whether tiny or immense, whether negligible or colossal, in strengthening ADP3.

People, inside ADP3 or outside, who wants to destroy the unanimity and harmony, plans to demolish our genuine demands, shall not be spared. They will be quarantined or purged. We, the members of ADP3, believe in peace and harmony but in the event of any crisis, ADP3 has the courage, strength and stamina to rise to the occasion in order to fight for justice. ADP3 do not run on money, the secret lies with the essence of minds’ togetherness. We are not simply another Employees’ Association. In ADP3, we believe in work culture, professionalism, diligence and perfection. All members of ADP3 work hard for his or her mother organization. We never forget, primarily, we are programmers and our views, analysis and presentation leaves an indelible impression over the society and in the budding minds.

People with creative bent of minds are always sensitive and shy, even to ask for a genuine demand. ADP3 has taken her birth from the years long deprivation, injustice and discrimination intrigued by some self-centered, greedy people who exploited us for decades and still sucking our blood by enjoying our hard earned revenue. So, in principle, ADP3 shall not tolerate injustice, in any form, towards any staff working in the Programme Wing of Doordarshan. It hardly matters whether he or she is a member of ADP3 or not.

So, my dear friends! Please do not feel detached. Your small contribution may lead us to the right path of light. Kindly come up with suggestions and make us more truthful.

All Unit Secretaries, Zonal Secretaries and State Secretaries may send a report immediately in written form regarding the activities, problems of their respective units and zones, and the measures taken by them. They are also advised to send reports by the first week of every month on routine.

Thanks to you all. Take care.

(Sukanta Sengupta)
General Secretary

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