Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Guidelines for Work to Rule

Dear comrades

All are requested to take a copy of the entire set and may hand over along with the covering letter given above to the heads of kendras requesting their support for the cause of justice.

Please assure them that according to duties specified all the employees will cooperate with the head of office and will in no way be against the rules and will perform the duties as mentioned in the manual.

Unit secretaries, State secretaries and Zonal secretaries are requested to be polite, cordial and humble to all the higher officials and stress the importance of the higher official’s support for implementation of MACP to all (ASDs, Combined Cadre of Production Assistants, Floor Managers, Property Assistants, Floor Assistants, Editors and all other left out Programme staff from MACP).

Request assignment of duties as it was in earlier days.

Programme Production :: A Producer / PEX to be assigned for every programme and a Production Assistant to assist him. All planning, budgeting, casting, booking and signing to be done by producer. Panel Production and Transmission commands may be taken by Producers / PEXs.

Allied Cadre of Production Assistants shall prepare the Contractual Procedures, Call letters, Communications, book Studio, Sets, Camera, ENG, Makeup, Transport, Graphics, Computer Captions & Animations and Tour requisitions for programme production and for Live Transmissions. Producer may sign in the requisite column of Producer in Contract. They shall sign in the column specified for preparation of contracts in contract register. Call for camera shots as per camera card given by Producer / O-in-C of transmission and alert Producer / PEX with a ready command. Allied Cadre of Production Assistants shall not sign or prepare contracts as Producers independently. Production Assistants are requested to get all the typing jobs done by the CBU typists / General Assistants.

Transmission Duties : Only Producer / PEX to be assigned to sit on the panel of transmission as O-in-C, conduct transmission meetings, plan fillers and spots to be played in between transmissions, check and sign announcement, SOS announcements and all other decisions related to transmissions.

Production Assistants are requested to check all the tapes for transmission along with the O-in-C (Producer / PEX) physically and for contents and note the opening and closing captions, reading and duration of the programme, preparation of captions in computer, Call for camera shots as per camera card given by Producer / O-in-C of transmission and alert Producer / PEX with a ready command.

As the manual clearly mentions that Transmission Executives only are to log details in the Duty Room, request Head of Office of all Kendras not to assign Production Assistants duties in the duty room and request their support for the cause of justice.

If any office mentions that the cadre of TREXs and allied cadres are amalgamated and merged, kindly request them to give an instruction in writing in confirmation that both the cadres of TREXs and Allied Cadre of Production Assistants after 1985 have been amalgamated or merged and hence all has to perform duties inter alia. On receipt of such confirmed instruction letters the allied cadre may perform the duties of Duty officer (TREXs) in duty room. Such letters from Head of Office / Directors may be forwarded to the ADPPP HQ.

Briefly explain all the ADGs, DDGs, Directors / Head of Office, CPs, DDPs, Producers (EPs, ASDs, Producers / PEXs) that their cooperation is fully solicited and get their full support for this work to rule period.

Request the Head of Offices to send communication to Directorate, shortage of Producers / PEXs due to lack of promotion and majority of allied cadre of Production Assistants are assigned independent portfolios as Producers and the work to rule has affected the programme production and transmission and to emphasize the necessity to render justice of Promotion and MACP to all the ASDs, Allied Cadre of Production Assistants, Floor Managers, Property Assistants, Floor Assistants, Editors and all other left out programme cadre from MACP.

All those who are in agitation of work to rule are requested to be present in the office during their shift duty timings fully. Any Absence or misconduct during this period will not be appreciated by the association. It is requested the entire comrades should remain intact with discipline, decorum and perfection in their duties. All are requested to maintain cordial relations with each and everyone in respective kendras to get full support for this agitation for MACP.

Any other clarifications in this regard may be communicated to the President, Vice President, Executive Vice President and General Secretary of ADPPP Association and all are requested to stick to rules as per manual with full knowledge. The copies of manual are given in this letter which may be noted by all comrades. Take copies and distribute


The copies of manual indicating the duties of respective cadres is enclosed herewith. Please download.

Thank you.

Letter to the Director of Kendras by Unit Secretary

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Re-launching of Satyagraha from June 1st , 2011.

No. ADPPP/CEO-DG/2011/ Date: 06.05.2011

The Director General : Doordarshan
Prasar Bharati, BCI
Copernicus Marg
Mandi House (Wing A)
New Delhi 110 001.

Subject: Re-launching of Satyagraha under the banner Association of Doordarshan Programme PRoduction Personnel ® (ADP3) from June 1st , 2011.

Respected Sir,
Kindly refer to our earlier communications sent to your office during last one year or more stating the exact sufferings of Property Assistants, Lighting Assistants, Floor Assistants, Floor Managers, Production Assistants (recruited after 1984), Programme Executives and ASDs of Doordarshan in different DD Kendras throughout the country. Justice has not been done from your end till date even after more than a year. This is completely frustrating and it seems that our authority do not pay heed to our voices, and is very much reluctant to grant even the ACP / MACP which is a simple and subsequent corollary of 6PC applicable to all the employees of Central Government.

All the Programme staff including Production Assistants and allied Cadre of Doordarshan and ad-hoc ASDs are aggrieved a lot who in spite of heavy workload they bear and the pivotal role they play in the programme production, have been denied promotions for almost three decades. Production Assistants are working as Producers independently shouldering responsibilities of various sections including News across the Nation in all Doordarshan Kendras. They are the revenue earner of 900 crores. They all are Graduates / Post Graduates and many with professional specialisation with training from Film Institutes / NSD and further trained in FTII, Pune / STI in TV programme production. Many of them are winners of National and Inter-national awards who are currently producing highly popular and revenue-fetching programmes for the benefit of the organization. But by sheer irony of fate they still continue in the same Grade where they started their service since 1984 (March).

Even the financial and administrative benefits of ACP / MACP of the 6th Pay Commission has not yet been extended to the Production Assistants and allied cadre including other feeder cadres. It is sad to quote here that all other cadres in Doordarshan such as Engineering and co-programme have got their MACP orders as mentioned below:

Engineering Orders
AE MACP Order vide File No. 14/22/2009-S-IV (B) dated : 11.05.2010
SEA MACP Order vide CESZ/P.CELL/MACP/SEA/2010 dated: 5.3.2010
EA MACP Order vide No. CESZ/P.CELL/MACP/E.A/2010 dated :- 19.02.2010

Programme Orders
PEX MACP vide DG Order F.No.5/18/2009-SI (B) New Delhi, dated 10-05-2010
TREX MACP vide DG Order 1/8/2009-S-VII New Delhi dated5th May 2010

Only a few ACP / MACP orders have been given above for your kind reference whereas all the Administration, Engineering & Programme cadres of Doordarshan have been given ACP / MACP and only the above mentioned cadres have been left out from the benefits.

Inspite of repeated reminders and personal visits of the President and General Secretary to the Office of the DG:DD, the authority has not proceeded with the issue even an inch. It is relevant to mention here that our earlier Satyagraha on the same issue was started nation-wide from 28th June 2010 and the third phase of Satyagraha: Work to rule – 12th to 18th July 2010, was postponed with assurance from the DG:DD and Hon’ble Minister for I&B during their official visit to Guwahati.

At this juncture, keeping in mind the emotions of her deprived members, the Association of Doordarshan Programme PRoduction Personnel ® (ADP3) does not have any other alternative, except going for continuation of the earlier Satyagraha, for which the authority is sole responsible. The Executive Committee of ADP3 has decided to continue the same phase of Satyagraha: Work to rule from 1st June 2011 onwards on the following issues.

1. ACP / MACP towards Property Assistants, Floor Managers, Production Assistants (recruited after 1984), Programme Executives and ASDs of Doordarshan.

2. One Pay Scale for One Cadre of Production Assistant and other staff of Doordarshan Programme Wing (5000-8000). SLP (Civil) No. 19/2011

3. Promotion to all cadres of Doordarshan (Property Assistants, Lighting Assistants, Floor Assistants, Floor Managers, Cameraman Gr. I, II and III, Video Editors, Graphic Artists Production Assistants, Programme Executives and ASDs of Doordarshan).

4. DG: DD shall be the sole cadre controlling authority of DD Programme Wing

The next schedule of Satyagraha shall be communicated later on.
This is for your kind information.

Yours faithfully,

Umesh Mishra

Copy for information to:
1. Smt. Ambika Soni, Hon’ble Minister for Information & Broadcasting, N-103, Panchsheel Park, New Delhi 110017.
2. The Chief Executive Officer, Prasar Bharati, BCI, PTI Building, Parliament Street, New Delhi 110 001.
3. Shri V. Shivkumar, Member Personnel, Prasar Bharati, BCI, PTI Building, Parliament, Street, New Delhi 110 001.
4. President / General Secretary of all Federation / Associations of DD for active support.