Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Reference : NFADE's Agitation

Dear friends,
Wish you all are in good health and good spirit in this Festive Season. This is very much important to note that – we, the members of ADP3, are not going to participate in the forthcoming agitation programme of NFADE. This is because we are not still the part of NFADE. We acknowledge that the struggle of NFADE is for a good and genuine cause. We have moral support to their agitation programme.

This is specifically expressed by the President as well as the General Secretary of ADP3 that no one else is authorised to take decision regarding participation in the agitation except the Central Committee of ADP3. All the members are requested not to be misguided or baffled by messages spread by any unauthorised person.

Members more concerned regarding the above issue may discuss the matter directly with the General Secretary by disclosing his / her identity. Thank You all. ADP3 Long Live

Umesh Mishra                                 Sukanta Sengupta
President                                         General Secretary