Friday, June 5, 2015


1) DG: DD should be the Cadre Controlling Authority in respect of all ProgrammeStaff working in Doordarshan.
2) The post of Director General of Doordarshan should always be filled up from the Programme Cadre of Doordarshan.
3) All vacant posts related to Programme Cadres of Doordarshan should be immediately filled up from the eligible departmental candidates. There is absolutely no need to bring outside persons for filling up of vacant posts of ADG (Programme)while a large number of eligible, experienced and efficient professionals are lying inside Doordarshan.
4) Long pending Promotions related to all Programme Cadres of Doordarshan should be cleared immediately without further delay. All Ad-hoc and In situ promotions should be regularized at an early date on priority basis.Protection of Seniority in respect of In-situ Pexes are to be effected as decided and assured in the PrasarBharati meeting.
5) All pending MACP issues need to be cleared immediately, as promised earlier. Especially, the cases related to the Retired stuff are to be cleared without further delay and payment should be made immediately.
6) To expedite the work related to MACP, the Zonal ADG’s should be empowered to settle the matters up to GP 5400/- and prepare the list of the Zonal Level for forwarding the same to DG:DD.
7) Same pay for same work.  The anomaly of different pay scales for the Same Post to be removed immediately.
8)  ACP  to be given to all Programme cadre.
9) Transfer Order related to Lighting Assistants promoted as Cameraman Grade III (without any financial benefits) should be cancelled.