Thursday, December 5, 2013

Classification of Posts - Clarification

<<<< CCS (CCA) RULES, 1965 >>>>


References are being received seeking clarifications whether the revised norms of pay scales/pay would be applicable for classification of posts under the flexible complementing scheme or other lateral advancement schemes.

2.    There are many promotion schemes such as merit promotion scheme, career advancement scheme, in-situ promotion scheme etc. where promotions are not linked to availability of vacancy in the higher grade and promotions are allowed in the higher grade in a time bound manner after assessment of the official by temporarily upgrading the post to the higher grade, which gets reverted to the lowest level at which it was originally sanctioned upon vacation of the post by the incumbent due to retirement, further promotion to vacancy based post etc.  In many cases, higher scales are allowed on expiry of the specified length of service, even while the person continues to hold the same post such as the Assured Career Progression Scheme.  It is clarified that in all such schemes, the classification of the post shall be determined with reference to the grade in which the post is originally sanctioned irrespective of the grade/pay scale in which the officer may be placed at any point of time.

[Deptt. Of Personnel & Training OM No. 11012/5/2000-Estt. (A) dated 10th May, 2000.]

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