Saturday, July 24, 2010

Do not be carried away

Dear Comrades!
Hope that all of you are in good health and in good spirit. This is requested to all our members not to be misled by any rumour or false information. “NFADE STRENGTHED--ADPPP merged with DPPA in Doordarshan” as published in the website of ARTEE ( and website of NFADE (, is not correct. “ADPPP merged with DPPA” means ADPPP does not exist anymore, which is completely a wrong and fabricated statement. The fact is that ADPPP HQ did not receive yet any communication addressed to the President or the General Secretary regarding UNIFICATION. The bilateral talk is going on where no party has any scope to take unilateral decision. The following letter by the General Secretary, ADPPP, shall clarify all doubts:
Respected Bhakooji,
Its our great pleasure that now onwards we are not divided. Your decision is appreciated by one and all of our members. Mr. Dhanaraj Reddy, the National Coordinator of ADP3 has already forwarded the letter regarding our unification that you have written to DG:DD. We the ADP3 HQ, on behalf of all members of ADP3 nation-wide express our heartiest welcome to you and all your members. Now, there remains some sort of formalities to be done, which is mentioned hereunder:

1. Kindly write a letter regarding this unification addressed to the President, ADP3 and send it to ADP3 HQ in the following address:    
“The President, (Attention: General Secretaey, Shri Sukanta Sengupta - by name), Association of Doordarshan Programme Production Personnel, 18/3 Uday Shankar Sarani, Golf Green, Kolkata – 700 095, W.B.”
2. Please mention the details of all your members, viz. Name, Designation and their present posting etc.
3. Please fill-up the individual Membership Form (attached with this mail) and send it to ADP3 HQ.
Awaiting for your early response. Thank you.

(Sukanta Sengupta)
General Secretary
Comrades! It is further reiterated that ADPPP is not yet a constituent body of NFADE. However, ADPPP always extends the moral support to any association or federation which fights for the real cause and justice though the thought process and line of action may differ.

Keep watching our Blog ( and be updated.
Good Night! Let the whole World be in peace. Amen!

Sukanta Sengupta, GS (00:47 Hrs)

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