Monday, June 28, 2010

An Appeal

Dear Comrades!

As you all know, “justice delayed is justice denied”. Then, what is the connotation if “justice is not done at all”! That is what happening to all Production Assistants and Allied Cadres of Doordarshan. Actually, Doordarshan Production Wing is being treated as the stepson of DG:AIR who actually runs administration being blind affectionate father of “Kauravs”. Any logical authority is able enough to understand what is just and what is unjust. The staff of DD Programme Wing are reaching their superannuation even not getting a single promotion whereas there are thousands of vacant posts in DD Programme Wing. Though DD Programme Wing going defunct day by day due to lack of officers in the upper hierarchy, yet, the only endeavour of “Dhritarastra” is how to fill-up those vacant posts by the “Kauravas”. Dhritarastra, might be in the core of mind has a strain that something is very wrong. Still, what else can be done! By any means, for survival, “Kauravas” are to be fed by the avenues and hard earned revenues of DD Programme Staff.

Its again the story of Mahabharata…….. and in no Mahabharata “Kauravas” win finally. It’s not only the matter of getting MACP, it’s the questions of attitude and apathy shown towards the staff who originally belong to Doordarshan and shouldering the pivotal responsibilities and earning the lion’s share of revenues.

This practice cannot be tolerated to go on perpetually. Comrades, be united and join the agitation for immediate implementation of MACP towards the left-out Doordarshan Programme Staff as per the following schedule:

Black Badge Protest
28.06.10 – 04.07.10

Lunch Hour Gate Meeting
05.07.10 – 11.07.10

Work to Rule
12.07.10 – 18.07.10

Satyagraha Relay Hunger Movement
19.07.10 – 25.07.10
(from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm)

Fast unto Death
26th July 2010 onwards

(Sukanta Sengupta)
General Secretary

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